EveryBlock gives you an easy way to follow news that's happening near you and connect with your neighbors so you can be a better neighbor. And what's more neighborly than thanking someone for being helpful, sharing useful information or just being a great neighbor?

The EveryBlock "thanks" feature is a handy way to show your neighbors they're appreciated. Every time you thank someone using the link next to their comment, that neighbor will get notified of the appreciation.

Of course, you're always encouraged to write a response to a message or comment submitted by another EveryBlock neighbor as well. And if you're really feeling the love, a "thanks" and a written response might even be in order!

From time to time, an EveryBlock staff person (look for users with the "staff" badge) may also thank you for your contributions on the site. We like to thank our members for the same reason as you -- because someone made a valuable or noteworthy contribution on the site.

At the same time, it's important to remember that a "thanks" from an EveryBlock staff member should be seen as "“Thanks for your contribution. Keep the comments coming!" as opposed to an endorsement of the content or views that you may have expressed.