What is EveryBlock?

EveryBlock is the leading platform to connect with your neighbors and stay informed about what's happening on your block.

What content can you find on EveryBlock?

Please see our about page.

How does EveryBlock work?

EveryBlock content is sourced through various means including RSS feeds, screen scrapers and public calendars. Once the content is collected, EveryBlock works behind the scenes to identify location information within the content and map it to the zip codes, blocks and streets referenced within the article.

Individuals, businesses, elected officials and others who sign up can post new messages or comment on existing messages or articles.

Who is the intended audience?

Any resident, business, elected official or other party that lives, does business or is interested in information from a particular neighborhood.

In which cities is EveryBlock active?

Boston, Chicago, Denver, Fresno, Hialeah, Houston, Medford, Nashville, Philadelphia and Seattle.

What cities will be added to EveryBlock?

To be determined. We’re still finalizing our plans.

Is there a fee to use EveryBlock?

No, EveryBlock is free and open to all visitors and does not include any advertising or pop-ups.

How do you access EveryBlock?

EveryBlock is located on the web at http://everyblock.com.

How can a group participate, include their website, blog or data in EveryBlock?

You can suggest new content sources or ask that your content be included on EveryBlock by filling out a feedback form at http://www.everyblock.com/contact/feedback/

How can I contact the team?

Just use the convenient feedback form at the bottom of almost any EveryBlock page.

Does EveryBlock accept advertising?

Not at this time.

How can I keep updated with the latest news around my block/neighborhood?

Please visit our Community, Followed Places, Posting, Subscriptions and Manage Email sections for ways to keep in touch with your neighborhood through the website, email and phone.

Where do your zip code boundaries come from?

Our zip code boundaries come from the US Census Bureau. These boundaries are actually called Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs). Zip codes are not permanent, so a given ZCTA is only an approximation of its zip code service area.

For example, an address might have the zip code 60625, but that address's coordinates could fall within the 60659 ZCTA.

For more information, you can visit the ZCTA Wikipedia page available here.
Please note that our zip codes share area with, but may not be fully contained within, their associated city boundaries.

How can I keep updated with the latest EveryBlock features?

You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Where can I get general information on how to use the site?

Please visit our Help section, specifically our Community page.

What should I post? How do I post?

Check out our posting page for tips and advice.

What organizations are featured on EveryBlock?

You can view a list of organizations whose feeds are featured on EveryBlock's Media Mentions by clicking one of the liks below:

What is a media mention?

Media mentions are posts from RSS feeds of various web sites or Facebook pages that contain information relevant to a location in the city.

What are our neighbor message categories?

Message categories are how we classify our neighbor messages to help our users find relevant items.

  • Acts of kindness — Neighbors doing good deeds.
  • City services — Questions or announcements related to trash pickup, utilities, etc.
  • Crime — Recent crimes or suspicious activity.
  • Family/parenting — Daycare, kids' classes, playgroups, etc.
  • Housing — Apartment searches, home maintenance, local real estate trends, etc.
  • Local business — Business reviews and requests for recommendations.
  • Local politics — Local elections and announcements. No personal attacks, please.
  • Lost and found — Found keys, lost cameras, etc.
  • Neighborhood news and talk — Discussions, announcements and questions about the neighborhood and things happening nearby.
  • Pets — Lost pets, found pets, dog parks, and alerts for local pet owners.
  • Schools — Questions, thoughts and recommendations for schools, busing, tutoring, etc.

EveryBlock Search

Search results include topics, names, places and phrases. These results are gathered instantly from across all content sources that have been featured on EveryBlock since its launch in 2008.

EveryBlock search also allows you to sort your results by relevance or date. Additionally, users have the ability to filter results by type of post or by date including year and month.